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Unreal meets a Skinker-DeBaliviere resident who's recycling garbage into art. Then we discover something even more shocking than temporary-tattooing a Web site across your pregnant belly: Young adults like to drink on Spring Break!

Jeez. Spring break appears to have taken a long tumble indeed since Steve Basset uttered a generation's mantra in that 1983 paean to off-campus debauchery, Spring Break: "Beer's like...fuckin' great, ya know?"

Then again, according to a survey recently released by the American Medical Association, many students persist in consuming prodigious quantities of alcohol during spring break. That's right: alcohol.

The AMA's findings may shock you; please bear in mind that Unreal presents them as a public service.

(Fuckin' great, ya know?)

74 percent of respondents said women use drinking as an excuse for outrageous behavior.

More than half of the women surveyed (57 percent) said being promiscuous is a way to fit in.

83 percent of the women had friends who drank the majority of the nights while on spring break.

More than half of the respondents (59 percent) said they know friends who were sexually active with more than one partner.

Nearly three out of five of the women said they know friends who had unprotected sex during spring break.

One in five respondents regretted the sexual activity they engaged in during spring break; 12 percent felt forced or pressured into sex.

84 percent of respondents thought images of college girls partying during spring break may contribute to an increase in females' reckless behavior.

86 percent agreed these images may contribute to dangerous behaviors by males toward women.

92 percent said it was easy to get alcohol while on spring break.

Two out of five women agreed access to free or cheap alcohol or a drinking age under age 21 were important factors in their decision to go on a spring break trip.

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