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Week of March 30, 2006

Drat! Missed the Mensa chapter! Why didn't Mike Seely talk to some of the Mensa members and other highly educated people in Calhoun County? There is a lot more to Calhoun than the bars. I grew up in Hardin and am proud to be from Calhoun County, otherwise known as God's Country because of its beauty.

Also, you might tell Mr. Seely that a bridge does not freeze over. The river freezes and the ferries are not able to operate, which leaves the Joe Page bridge as the only access to the county. We might wonder how many other facts are not true in Mr. Seely's article.
Rosemary Dryden, Richmond Heights

Chill, Patricia: I have lived in Calhoun County for fifteen years and have never seen the Joe Page bridge ice over to a point where it has been closed. The ferries are the only modes of transportation into the county that close due to icy conditions.

I read Mike Seely's article with a smile. There are some people who will take offense, as they will see it as a slam to the good people of Calhoun County. I choose to take it a different way. For me the article only reinforces why the people of Calhoun County keep to themselves. We don't have any use for sly innuendo and snarky comments from people who don't live here, especially journalists who cannot even get their facts straight.
Patricia Stelbrink, Hardin, Illinois


Last week's feature, "Ace of Spaides," misidentified the Billboard magazine chart topped in January by Spaide R.I.P.P.E.R.'s "Always." The song reached No. 1 on the magazine's rap singles core stores chart.

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