Benjy Come Philately

We've extolled the sterling qualities of the man known (informally) as Big Head Benjamin (a.k.a. Ben Franklin) in these pages many times. Inventor, diplomat, philanderer, volunteer fireman, aphorist — Franklin rocked all these titles and more. And even in death, he continues to rack up achievements. Why, just today, Franklin becomes a part of philatelic history, as his high-browed mug graces four first-class U.S. postage stamps. It's apropos of the great man's life, as he was this nation's first Postmaster General. Perhaps he also invented the pen-on-a-chain during this period. We'll ask Danita Aquiningnoc of the U.S. Postal Service after she unveils the new Ben Franklin stamps at 10:30 a.m. at the Missouri History Museum (Lindell Boulevard and DeBaliviere Avenue; 314-746-4599 or Ben Franklin (actor Whit Reichert in the role of a lifetime) makes a few remarks following the unveiling, and he better hope those stamps are self-adhesive, or else we'll ask him to lick the set we purchase just prior to racking up our special one-day-only Missouri Historical Society cancellation. The stamps'll cost you 39 cents each, but admission is free.
Thu., April 20