Love Will Tear Us Apart

Ian Curtis gives the smackdown to She Wants Revenge, Against Me! talks politics and punk, and the Download helps you get your MP3 on

How do you feel now, being on a major label and playing big venues, when you've written lyrics like, "Our arenas, just basements and bookstores across underground America"?

[Those words are] about striving for things and admitting you fall short of those things. I'm at a different place now, but that doesn't mean that I didn't mean 100 percent of it [at the time I wrote it]. I don't feel like we've done anything immoral. Record labels put out records. It's part of the equation.

On your demo you asked, "If I denounce the system, does it make a difference"? With all of the denouncing and some accepting of the system that Against Me! has done, how would you answer that question now?

Don't piss off Ian Curtis.
Don't piss off Ian Curtis.
Against Me! You've been punk'd!
Against Me! You've been punk'd!

I don't think saying something can make a difference. You can scream whatever you want, and unless you actually do something to back it up, it's not going to make a difference.
—Kami Arnold

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For a while there, it seemed as though China would indeed adopt a system of democracy before we got a chance to hear the long-awaited Guns N' Roses album. After fifteen years and $13 million, Axl Rose (the band's only original member) announced that Chinese Democracy would be released sometime in 2006. Will the most expensive album ever made be worth it? Probably not, but we're excited anyway. Along with an assortment of fan favorites, has posted live versions of a few songs rumored to appear on the upcoming album, including "The Blues" and the epic "Madagascar." Believe it or not, Axl's never sounded better. Go to and click on "multimedia."
—Andy Vihstadt

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