Fish Sick

Unreal always cleans our plate, but now we're a little nervous about fish. Oh, and hot dogs. Plus -- the cops don't like it when you fake a carjacking. Who knew?

As for St. Louis, Specht says, "I know it's not the center of the movie industry, but they treat the Constitution like some type of 'void where prohibited' rebate. For the true artist, that can be stifling."

Hot Dog Days

Two weeks ago the Z107.7 morning show crew beat out 55 other eBay bidders to win the first hot dog sold in the new Busch Stadium. They paid $270.

In order to prove it was really frank numero uno, the seller, Principia College senior Aaron Goldsmith, included a DVD showing him hustling through the gates before the April 4 minor league exhibition game that christened Busch III. First in line at the concession stand, he purchased two dogs. He ate the other.

"Imagine if you had the first hot dog ever purchased at old Sportsman's Park or the old Busch Stadium!" Goldsmith wrote on his auction page.

Just how long is a dog's shelf life, anyway?

"I shipped it in a cooler with dry ice and a freeze pack, so it should be preserved," Goldsmith imparts. "That said, the bun is very stale. A hot dog — goodness knows what they put in that thing. It's like a Twinkie, you could probably eat it five years later, but the bun is probably in pretty poor shape."

Goldsmith says he fell into his 7,600 percent profit — the dog cost $3.50 — serendipitously. The auction languished until it got a plug following the Cardinals April 10 home opener. Ticketless, Goldsmith was perched outside the stadium with a buddy, a lawn chair and a radio when a KMOV-TV (Channel 4) newscaster stuck a mic in his face.

Goldsmith proceeded to hawk his dog, and a mini-onslaught of publicity followed, highlighted by a Channel 11 (KPLR-TV) crew's expedition to the campus of the Christian Science university.

Since then things have calmed down considerably. Last Thursday, after much goading, Z107.7 morning show personality Fester ate the dog on the air.

Fester could not be reached for comment.

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