Vacation, Had to Get Away

Riddle of Steel checks in from Europe, Ghostface Killah gets all James Joyce on us, while the Download directs us to MP3 nirvana

What's the worst foreign piece of food you've encountered?

Elstner: Probably the haggis in Scotland, even if we didn't eat it. Sheep lung and other organs ground up, cooked with onions and oatmeal stuffed into a sheep's stomach like a fist-shape sausage. Delicious. Strangely enough, they make vegetarian haggis as well which is an utter mystery, kinda like vegetarian blood sausage.

Vavak: The crazy potato chip flavors. Prawn cocktail isn't a tasty flavor for chips, for me anyway. I have yet to try a truly strange prepared food. I can't get enough of the fish and chips. Totally bitchin'!
— Annie Zaleski

Ghostface Killah: Step off, James Joyce.
Ghostface Killah: Step off, James Joyce.
Riddle of Steel: Chevy Chase beware.
Riddle of Steel: Chevy Chase beware.

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Forget Harry Potter. England's biggest export these days is Arctic Monkeys. With an early online buzz, the indie-rock quartet's debut went triple platinum in no time, breaking records and reconfirming the Web's impact on today's music marketplace. The group isn't squandering its moment in the sun, either. In the next few weeks, we'll see a new DVD as well as the EP Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys? At, you can download the collection of demos that started it all, including non-album tracks such as the ultra-hip "Space Invaders" and the punk-revival stomper "On the Run from the MI5." Just head to Andy Vihstadt

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