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Week of May 4, 2006

I can say that he has become hit or miss these days, with some great shows mixed with some average-to-poor ones. And his current band is unquestionably inferior to the great backing bands he usually has.

The one thing I don't agree with in your review is your statement that Dylan on a good day is indecipherable. I don't agree with that (although it's become popular folklore). Did you have trouble understanding his lyrics on Blood on the Tracks or Time Out of Mind? And as far as understanding his lyrics in concert, a lot of singers are difficult to understand with the volume and speed most play at. Go to a Springsteen show and see if you can understand the words on songs you aren't familiar with. I sure can't. I think Dylan's an amazing vocalist; the way he turns a phrase is pure vocal gymnastics!

Anyway, he's put on a lot of amazing and legendary shows over the years, and it's too bad you waited this long. And even for this tour, you probably caught him on an off night.
Mike Adams, Miami Beach, Florida

Emotionally yours: I'm sorry you were disappointed in Bobby D. If I read your review correctly, it appears this was your first time to see him. It's unfortunate that you couldn't have seen Bob's tour in 2002, when Charlie Sexton and Larry Campbell were in the band and they played for over two hours and Bob was still on his guitar.

I think what is important for you to remember is that Bob is about to turn 65, that his vocal cords are hanging on after years of the nicotine and tar and that he has been doing this for over 40 years. I have seen Bob four times now since '95, and all I can tell you is that enjoying Dylan in concert has nothing to do with understanding his words, but the overall experience of Dylan. It's a mystical thing, Annie. That's all I can tell you. Hopefully, the next time will be more enjoyable.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Keep listening!
Alan Dean, Dallas, Texas

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