Obscurity Knocks

CD Baby's weird and wacky Missouri musicians, "Yo! RFT Raps" talks to inBox magazine's svengali, and the Raconteurs star in this week's Download

A raconteur is defined as someone who is good at telling stories. We had to look it up, but Detroit Rock City's Jack White (the White Stripes) and Brendan Benson have a plan to boost the word's popularity. Their new supergroup, which also includes members from Cincinnati's the Greenhornes, won't release Broken Boy Soldiers until May 16, but you can have an early taste of the Raconteurs at AOL's online music show, The Interface. Along with an interview with the band, the site has posted acoustic versions of album tracks "Yellow Sun" and "Blue Veins" as well as the first single, "Steady As She Goes." Check out music.aol.com/artists/the-interface/raconteurs. — Andy Vihstadt

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