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Week of May 10, 2006

Our loss in this is insignificant, though. The real loser in all this, of course, is Mark. He spent a significant portion of his life working for a single company, bringing to it a unique style and a level of skill unmatched in all my travels. To be discarded as a "risk" is hardly the deserved outcome. For Mark to be sitting at home at last call is just a crime. Mark deserves better. A kind and caring person who treats all with respect and honors each veteran that walks through the door. Gruff, grouchy, that's the shtick. If you can't understand that...well, we know someone who couldn't.

I can assure only two things at this point. First, I will never return to Fox & Hounds or any other establishment on that property. Second, Mark, let us all know where you go, because you know Pam and I will be there. And there is one more thing I can guarantee, all your friends and customers of the last 30 years will be there, too.
Dave Heizer, Belleville

He shall return: I unfortunately enjoyed your tribute to Mark Pollman, my friend since 1988. Over the years he not only educated me on beer and spirits, but also I learned how to deal with people. I worked for many years in specialty retail, and although our personalities are not the same, the way we handle customers is.

I recently moved back to St. Louis after three years away and will miss Mark very much. By the way, I was there the night the waitress made her complaint, and I can tell you Mark did nothing to warrant this; it was just an excuse to get rid of him. I am sure Mark will be back and so will his patrons and friends.
Ted Heitman, Manchester

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