This Must Be the Place

New owners, new venues and old digs: A report on St. Louis' ever-evolving club scene

"In my tenure here, I'd never seen the concentration...there must be twelve or fifteen [nonprofits] right in that small area. It's a unique situation, and we have to adapt to it."

Creepy Crawl owner Jeff Parks hopes that a liquor-license hearing for his new venue will happen "around the 21st of June." In the meantime, the club remains open at its location on Tucker Boulevard. Parks is "unclear" on when he absolutely has to be out of his current building, but says that the "current owners have been accommodating. [We're] keeping them abreast of where we are, [they're being] understanding of our situation. We just want to get open as soon as we can there." (A message left for Pyramid Construction, which owns the building, was not returned.)

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