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Some may think such rules are restrictive, but the opposite is true. The rules of etiquette empower people both to avoid offending one another and to show each other respect (and, when followed, they keep a lot of people from making fools of themselves).

According to traditional etiquette, a bishop is addressed as "your excellency," with an archbishop called either "your excellency" or "your grace." Take your cue from him. If he extends his hand to shake yours, then do the same. But, traditionally, if he is your own bishop, you would kneel on your left knee and kiss his ring. If he is not your bishop, or if kneeling would be awkward, you would bow to him then kiss his ring.

A bishop receives his ring at his ordination as a sign that he is "wedded" to his diocese and its people and is a bridegroom much like Christ, the Bridegroom of the Church. Thus when you kiss the bishop's ring you are actually paying homage to Christ.

Kenn Minter


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This code of etiquette probably smacks of aristocracy to many Americans and to a lot of bishops, too. In a democratic republic like ours, where one citizen is as good as another, such expressions seem obsequious and foreign. Even so, we Americans know how to show respect for our president. Though just a citizen like the rest of us, he can't get off an airplane without having a brass band strike up "Hail to the Chief" and a firing squad blast a 21-gun salute.

Simply put, the honors are for the office, not the man. Bishops don't insist on this etiquette. They will shake your hand and take no offense. You, however, may actually do a great service by kissing his ring, for you'll remind both him and yourself of the sacredness of his office and of the apostolic shoes he fills.

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The Fat Girl Blog"
Author: Teresa
About the blogger: Teresa has turned to Weight Watchers in her quest to shed pounds.

Recent Highlight (May 11): Old Me/New Me Part 1

OM: So, the gang is going to Qdoba for lunch.

NM: Indeed they are. I'm not sure I'll go though.

OM: Excuse me - perhaps you didn't hear me. I said Qdoba which is commonly called your favorite place to eat.

NM: Yeah, but there's that whole point issue now. It's something like 20 points for a shredded beef burrito.

OM: Okay...but you have 28 points left for today. Points are there to be used. Besides, you don't want to be the weird girl.

NM: I'm already the weird girl. If I get it, that leaves me with 8 points for the rest of the day. The soda at knitting group will be 3 points, which gives me five points for dinner and two snacks. It's not going to work.

OM: Fair point. How about you check the nutritional info for doing it without the tortilla.

NM: Hmmm...16 points. That's still a lot.

OM: It's less than 20, though!

NM: I like the tortilla though. I like it a lot.

OM: So try it without the cheese and sour cream.

NM: Hmm. Still quite a few points.

OM: Have you forgotten the art of rationalization?

NM: Huh?

OM: The 20 point burrito with all the trimmings has 70% of your daily intake of iron! You were anemic - you need iron!

NM: That's true, I was anemic. I'm not now. I am, however, still fat. So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to heat up my soup.

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