Hillbilly Golf, Anyone?

Say hello to the newest Midwestern game sensation

Owing to the game's DIY nature, it's impossible to keep exact stats on the number of people participating across the nation. Locally, King reports a surge in the number of games he's seen this year in Montauk State Park and on the banks of the Current River. And back in U. City, Nick Cronin has finally worked a bolo out of a dog's mouth.

Hillbilly golf enthusiast Nick Cronin
Mark Gilliland
Hillbilly golf enthusiast Nick Cronin

The corn's starting to burn, but Cronin's just a middle rung away from scoring the three-rung, ten-point bonus. He winds back and tosses, the bolo striking the target length of PVC but dropping to the ground with a dusty thump. He hurries to the grill, undaunted. After all, he's got a whole summer's worth of practice time ahead.

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