Twangs for the Memories

Music mavens reflect on Twangfests of yore

"Mostly my memories of Twangfest are about the people who attend, not the music or the bands. There is an enthusiasm and a lack of pretension at Twangfest that is rare and welcome. Other music festivals all seem to be tarnished by the music industry's manic need to be 'cool' and by the bands' need to create a buzz. Twangfest is more like a big group of friends putting on a great party with some really great bands. Diane [Christiansen] and I sang as a duet at the opening party a few years ago. We even got a request for a song from our previous band, Stump the Host, that we hadn't sung in probably ten years. Viva la Twangfest!"
Steve Dawson, Dolly Varden

"That first year was nothing more than an oversize party, really, and we had no idea we were founding a festival. I remember standing in the back of the room [at the Waco Brothers' show] and watching all these drunk, happy people dancing their asses off to this thunderous country-punk music. It felt honest and real and good. Ten years later, I'd like to think it still feels that way to the people who come."
Kip Loui, Transmitters vocalist-guitarist

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