Touch of Grey

B-Sides gets groovy with Ratdog's Bob Weir, gets the scoop on Counting Crows' new CD and hits a grand slam with our next scene trading card.

What's going on in the cover art? Is that a guy recovering a satellite?

I like to think that this guy's brain is sort of exploding and he's being propelled by the jetstream coming off the top of his head. I like that painting quite a bit. It's sort of how we all feel when we're on tour. — Julie Seabaugh
7 p.m. Friday, July 7. UMB Bank Pavilion, 14141 Riverport Drive, Maryland Heights. $19.50 to $67.50. 314-298-9944.

St. Louis Scene Trading Cards

Eric Damhorst & Matty Coonfield
Ages: 27 & 28
High Schools: Christian Brothers College High School; Kaney Valley High School in Ramona, Oklahoma
Can be found: Spinning records every Monday at the Upstairs Lounge's "Rock 'n Roll Night." Eric also spins at other clubs around town and works at the Record Exchange. Matty is an assistant manager at Tension Head and plays in both the Electric and Tone Rodent.
Career Highlight: Hearing a close friend lament the St. Louis scene, then renounce his damnation and say that perhaps St. Louis wasn't so bad after all — after said friend came to a Rock 'n Roll Night at the Upstairs and saw kids dancing to music by German band Faust.

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