In Sickness and in Health

Neither cancer nor tour burnout can stop Jack's Mannequin

Though the material is strictly intended for a second Jack's Mannequin album (and Something Corporate guitarist Josh Partington has been working with his harder-rocking side project, Firescape), McMahon says the long Something Corporate hiatus won't turn permanent. There's talk of a tour in early- or mid-2007, followed by studio time after the sophomore Jack's album is completed.

Not that McMahon is eager to hammer out any specific plans just yet. He's instead focused on maintaining his health and enjoying his current string of tour dates.

"The guys in my band are really crazy pro musicians, so we have a good time adding little sections here and there," he enthuses. "I don't mean jamming per se, but we've been having fun changing up songs, doing a lot of covers. It's a little bit looser, laid-back, classic-rock vibe in that we take our time with the show and try to develop the songs further than they are on the record.

Jack's Mannequin: Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player.
Zeke Ruelas
Jack's Mannequin: Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player.

"My head space is good," he concludes. "I learned a lot over the past year, not all of it related to recording music. It was definitely a big wake-up call, that's no question. I have a little more passion for living than I used to. I've definitely benefited in that sense. Musically and artistically, it solidified that I just want to continue to do what feels good."

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