Frank Has Left the Building

University City bids a (mostly) fond farewell to its long-time city manager

"I never discuss personal matters," says Ollendorff, declining to comment on the notes.

"That's the problem. Loyalty and personal relationships have been something he's enjoyed during his career," says Brungardt, who along with her fellow disinvitees attended the reception anyway. "I don't have a personal relationship with him. I have a professional relationship with him, so I shook his hand and congratulated him, and he accepted my congratulation."

Ollendorff appears to have put the incident behind him. He has nothing but praise for his replacement, Julie Feier, who worked under Ollendorff four years ago before taking a city manager post in Colorado. "She's one of our best and brightest. Julie's going to be the best city manager U. City's ever had."

And what might the retired city manager be doing next year? "Playing better golf."

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