Sisters of Mercy

B-Sides intercepts a Ryan Adams IM, gets ghoulish with AFI and downloads pop gems with Little Hits

summer69: I just — it's not really my fault that our names are so similar. I mean, why did you feel you had to kick that guy out of a Nashville show those couple of years ago when he heckled you by calling my name? And it's not my fault that the same woman has at one time found both of us unbearably attractive. Even though with me and Lindsay Lohan, it was all innocent, I swear. No hard feelings, yah?

bedhead: don't give a flying f how many times you mountie-d her i know you were bumping uglies with robin hood for a year to get your crap song in that crap movie

bedhead: my feet just wrote a song on their own

AFI: Ebony and ivory — not just for Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder anymore.
James Minchin
AFI: Ebony and ivory — not just for Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder anymore.
Ryan Adams: Wordy rappinghood.
Ryan Adams: Wordy rappinghood.

bedhead: ?

bedhead: ooh did i hurt your feelings your more of a little girl than jack white

summer69: Look, you little hipster sleaze: It's not quantity that matters in the realm of songcrafting, it's quality. Hang around the East Village as much as you like; it's not going to make you Dylan.

summer69: This is obviously going nowhere. I think this exchange has determined who the bigger man is.

bedhead: your moms the bigger man fade back into the '80s you contemporary craprock hack

summer69: Whatever. Fall off a barstool and get a concussion, you Gram Parsons wannabe. — Julie Seabaugh

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The Download
Because not every song can be a chart-topper, there's Little Hits, an MP3 blog lovingly packed with (mostly) vinyl obscurities from the 1960s through the 1990s. Founded by Jon Harrison, who works at Love Garden Records in Lawrence, Kansas, the site shines the blog-light on forgotten power-pop bands, lost new-wave artists and sub-Nuggets garage rockers who might have otherwise fallen by the wayside. But the site's contributors often also give new, informative insights into seminal bands — as seen on this spring's lovely tribute to the Go-Betweens' late Grant McLennan. Visit
— Annie Zaleski

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