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The complete low-down on this year's nominated acts

Bob Reuter;
His solo shows are rare these days, his hellacious sets with Thee Dirty South climax in blues freak-outs he didn't write, and he's just as well-known as a KDHX (88.1 FM) DJ or a south-city photographer. But Bob Reuter is still one of the city's most dependable and significant songsmiths. His eye for detail is as precise as it is unforgiving, his voice a north-side-hillbilly paradox, and his command of rockabilly, country and pre-pre-packaged rock & roll unparalleled by any St. Louis songwriter not named Chuck Berry. (RK)
7 p.m., Riddles Penultimate Café & Wine Bar

Casey Reid;
The Tom Waits comparison is inevitable, so recognize it, but then do what Casey Reid has done to the obvious influence — listen to the voices inside him. The grit in his throat isn't artificial, and the blues in his folksy rock songs have been earned — not by paying his dues (he's 25) but by throwing all of himself, à la Jack White, into minstrelsy and coming out with an inspired mess of personal art, like a dark night of the juke-joint soul. (RK)
7 p.m., Cicero's

Jonathan Cour;
In just a few short months, Jonathan Cour has made quite a name for himself within the city — from a sold-out Duck Room show to an opening slot for Cowboy Junkies and Shelby Lynne at the LOMA festival. But the doe-eyed songwriter deserves all the attention he's receiving for his pensive tunes, which capture the heartbreak, uncertainty and general confusion of the college years and just beyond — thanks to soaring electro-acoustic music reminiscent of Switchfoot, the Fray and Howie Day. (AZ)
9 p.m., Blueberry Hill's Duck Room

Bennie Smith
9 p.m., 609
Jennifer Silverberg
Bennie Smith
9 p.m., 609
Johnny O & the Jerks
9 p.m., Halo Bar
Johnny O & the Jerks
9 p.m., Halo Bar
Delmar Loop

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