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The complete low-down on this year's nominated acts

DJ Crucial
St. Louis has known for years that it had a gem in DJ Crucial, the man who helped make Blueberry Hill's The Science a must-attend Friday-night destination for hip-hop heads. But the rest of the world seems to be waking up to Crucial's talents, what with the warm reception to his first album, Test Presses and Dub Plates, a platter that features collaborations with hip-hop luminaries MF Doom, MF Grimm, Atmosphere's Slug and MC Eiht. (AZ)
10 p.m., Pin-Up Bowl

Charlie Chan Soprano
Monday nights at the late, lamented Hi-Pointe Café just wouldn't have been the same without the presence of Charlie Chan Soprano, a past RFT Music Award winner who's also heard on Craig Blac's Hot Morning Show on 104.1 FM. And while the veteran DJ doesn't have much of an Internet presence, he's become so well-known that national hip-hop magazines have cheekily punned on his name — cf. The Don of St. Louis, which Chan then used as the name of a mix CD. Oh, and he's also DMC's tour DJ (which perhaps explains the "Kings of Rock" megamix promo single that's shown up on eBay). (AZ)

DJ Agile 1
One might say that longtime Science DJ/F5 Records homegirl Agile 1 lives up to her name. For starters, the firebrand is just as passionate about crafting blazing hip-hop sets and winning battles as she is about production (check for samples of her work), or fighting back against racism and sexism. Oh, and did we mention Agile has a master's degree in education and currently teaches middle-school history? Knowledge certainly is power for this monster talent. (AZ)

Bennie Smith
9 p.m., 609
Jennifer Silverberg
Bennie Smith
9 p.m., 609
Johnny O & the Jerks
9 p.m., Halo Bar
Johnny O & the Jerks
9 p.m., Halo Bar
Delmar Loop

When DJ Trackstar (a.k.a. Gabe Moskoff) isn't cooking up banging mixtapes at a dizzying rate that Robert Pollard would envy, he can be found spinning and/or supporting the local rappers at the Halo Bar — or collecting concerts, news and other happenings for his weekly e-mail newsletter. Throw in the work he does for his nonprofit, along with plentiful mentoring and coaching gigs, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a DJ who does more to improve the city and its scene. (AZ)
7 p.m., Blueberry Hill's Elvis Room

Best Indie Band

Ah, good ol' Bunnygrunt. They've been known as the godfathers of St. Louis pop music since the mid '90s. They've been called "indie" and "cutesy." Heck, they've even been labeled "twee." But in reality, Bunnygrunt are ambassadors of a new genre we'll call BootyShakingPopalicious, with boy-girl harmonies and tail-feather-twitching beats producing tunes that are undeniably catchy. Although they took a break for a few years, the band's now back with the same sing-along, power-chord sound that can only be described as — you guessed it — BootyShakingPopalicious. (JL)
Midnight, Delmar Restaurant & Lounge

That's My Daughter
The three gals and one guy in That's My Daughter stick to the rock & roll basics: noisy, sexxxy tunes about making out and getting high. The songs are quick and dirty, and they stick to you like vinyl car seats on a hot August afternoon. Cory Hammerstone of the Mega Hurts recently joined the group, giving the band a twin-guitar attack. That's My Daughter's new record, Virgin Appeal, will be released this fall; look for their CD-release party at the Way Out Club on September 23. (CS)
4:30 p.m., Market in the Loop Outdoor Stage

So Many Dynamos;
Taking cues from destructo-pop bands such as Les Savy Fav and Thunderbirds Are Now!, So Many Dynamos make music that's off-kilter and somehow still danceable. In fact, the spazz-rockers upped the ante with their recently released album, Flashlights. The disc trades Moog explosions for contained guitar chaos — while pushing Aaron Stovall's yelps to the edge and jamming sing-along sections between buzzsaw guitars and lugubrious trombones. It's a juggling act that works, and Flashlights (along with its 7.3 rating on should propel SMD toward greater acclaim. (CS)
3 p.m., Market in the Loop Outdoor Stage

Ghost in Light;
Ghost in Light can hang with the noiseniks at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center or buddy up to cool-kid indie-rockers at Off Broadway — making it one of the few bands in town who don't have a specific clique to call its own. But this social fluidity has everything to do with how impossible it is to categorize the quartet's tunes. Their full-length debut focused on dreamy, lo-fi slo-core — references include Sigur Rós, Hum and Red House Painters — but their new demo layers plenty of post-rock-anguished vocals and throttling guitars atop transcendent instrumental textures. (AZ)
10 p.m., Delmar Restaurant & Lounge

Tight Pants Syndrome;
"Cocksure" was the St. Louis rock & roll single of 2005 — a tightly constructed, tempo-drop-shifting put-down that surged like a lost girl-group 45 and stung like an imaginary British Invasion of the south side. The only problem? Singer Marcia Pandolfi moved to Chicago, leaving the band's lineup in flux. (They've now settled on a lineup of Tom Stephens, Joe Scanlon, Brian McClelland, Scott Hermes and Lauren Tull; Tull's the newest member, on Moog synths.) Their take on '60s pop-rock may be sugary, but TPS have some of the tartest harmonies and leanest, fleetest rhythms on the local scene. (RK)
10 p.m., Riddles Penultimate Café & Wine Bar

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