Bye Bye Bye

Justin Timberlake kisses his pop roots adios

But despite its obsession with lust and desire, there's a curious sense of fun and spontaneity missing from Sounds, two traits that made Justified such a (non-)guilty pleasure. Artistic credibility doesn't have to equal boring; pop music isn't a serious endeavor. Heck, just listen to "Pose," a goofy faux-funk duet with Snoop Dogg that's hilariously sleazy/cheesy. The lovably lecherous tag-team duo JT and Snoop are amateur photographers trying to convince women to pose for 'em; hijinks ensue as Timberlake coaxes one to "pose for my camera/looking like a model" as Snoop directs, "Head, shoulders, feet and toes /...Go ahead babygirl, cheesy smile!"

Completely ridiculous? Yes. Rather sexist? Undoubtedly. But it's also Timberlake loosening up and tapping into his less-serious side — and as a pop-music innovator, that's just how we like him. — Annie Zaleski

Justin Timberlake: He's bringing sexy back. Too bad he's 
not bringing good tunes back as well.
Jay Bevenour
Justin Timberlake: He's bringing sexy back. Too bad he's not bringing good tunes back as well.

The Download

After a decade-long hiatus from the studio, the Lemonheads are back — or at least Evan Dando is. (Come on, feel it.) The all-new lineup includes members of the Descendents, so expect Dando's bittersweet brand of pop to rock out a bit more. The 'Heads' self-titled return hits shelves September 26 (and features guest guitars from J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.), but the band was kind enough to leak the first single to AOL. Originally penned by Aussie pop outfit Smudge (whose vocalist, Tom Morgan, also co-wrote tunes on It's a Shame About Ray and Come On Feel the Lemonheads), "No Backbone" might not be as chick-flick-savvy as "Into Your Arms," but it's catchy enough to suggest that Dando will be able to feed the monkey for at least another decade. Check out — Andy Vihstadt

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