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Did anyone really drug and rape Sheila Shulzís friend?

Last week — seemingly to bolster Shulz's credibility — a new e-mail began circulating, describing a similar incident that allegedly took place at the Trainwreck in June.

"We sat at the bar and this guy kept coming up and trying to flirt/talk with Shelly," wrote someone named Mary Beth Jamieson. "We got up to leave about 20 minutes later and Shelly could barely walk[....] I am 100% sure that my friend was drugged."

As the message made the rounds, a woman named Jessi attached her own piece of commentary: "I feel that there must be some truth to it. I wish that they could get to the bottom of it. I feel that Trainwreck and Westport want to keep it out of the press and not scar[e] away customers."

Tra Selhtrow

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