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Week of September 28, 2006

Bob calls bullshit: To Jeremy Essig, Andi Smith, Tom Clyde, Lauren O'Niell and the comedy letter coward: I think you guys take yourselves way too seriously. What almighty cloud do you reside on? We are talking about comedy, for kripes sake! I call bullshit where you say it's not jealousy that made you write to say Brie Johnson was not a good way for the Riverfront Times to spotlight comedy. It was so transparent, a blind man could have read between the lines.

You don't like her jokes or brand of humor; you think there are better comics out there; you know who they are. Comedy has always transformed itself and created its stars from those that expand the envelope, or tear it a new asshole. And as far as that goes, I think a little of Brie's favorite pastime would go a long way towards loosening you guys up!

Who knows whether Brie Johnson will get anywhere? Maybe, maybe not. But your letters were so closely worded, it sure sounded like a gang bang to me.
Bob Osterholt, St. Louis

Issue Of May 11, 2006

Almost resembles an actual compliment: Well, OK, finally a not terrible issue of the paper. A cover story on who exactly it is who drives all those trucks we depend on to deliver the consumer culture to our doorsteps; a piece on censorship in what amounts to the public square, Wi-Fi networks; an interview with a band that includes at least one musician who speaks intelligently about punk music; and a calendar item on the emerging arts district on Cherokee. Almost resembles actual journalism.

I don't think anyone needs to read about Ruth's Chris, but hey, let Rose Martelli misfire every once in a while. Why can't a larger part of the paper be like this more often?
R. Willis, St. Louis

Unreal, June 22, 2006

Blatant, secular, progressive thrust: I admit I am only a casual and occasional (and suburbanite) RFT reader at best. But even I can see the blatant, secular, progressive thrust at trying to promote a gay day at a Cardinals game by putting a rainbow Cardinals logo and teaser headline on the cover but only a less-than-ten-paragraph blurb in the Unreal section concerning the matter.

Personally, I could care less if it happens. But surely you can do better than that if you want to push your agenda. I dare you.
Bob Flynn, St. Peters

Feature, June 29, 2006

Feel the noise: I love the Maddhouse Clique, Mistah Creepy, Nuttin Nyce, Hellsent and the Wet Grimlinz. I started listening to their music a few months ago and it really just fuckin' touches you and makes you feel what they are feeling. I help promote their music as one of their Street Sweepers.

I wouldn't want to be trying to get people to listen to anyone's music but theirs, because I love them guys and because they are going places and are gonna make it. And hopefully Ben Westhoff's "Bloodsuckahz" will help them make it there. Thanks for that.
Courtney Hudson, St. Louis

Kind of sad: So this guy is 24, pretends to be a vampire and still lives with his mother? That's not scary. That's just kind of sad.

Nina Hayward, University City

Cover, July 27, 2006

Pandering to our demographic: I happened to notice the cover of your "news"weekly and was appalled by what I saw — a picture of the president of the greatest country in the world made to appear like Bin Laden.. You traitors are a real treat. You can't stand the fact that someone has the balls to stand up for what is right while you hide behind the First Amendment with your cowardly selves trying to get your worthless message across to any high-school-dropout, drug-using anal-copulation queen who will read it. Good luck.

Call me sometime, pussy.
Kurt R. Kostecki, Cottleville

...And balls: I read the crap from Susan Boland and Kurt R. Kostecki about not having the balls to stand up for what is right. I spent a year in Vietnam and got spit on when I came home. My son spent six months in Saudi Arabia and six months in Iraq. We both "harvested" enemy troops, me in 1966 and him in 1991. The only reason we are in Iraq now is for Bush to cover his daddy's ass.

It's easy to defend your reasons to stir up crap when you kept the Guard from being overrun in Georgia and Alabama. My hero! Think I'm a pussy? Kostecki couldn't hold my "chicken-shit" balls with Cheney's hands, so shove it. Call me, pussy.

I have seven kids, twenty-one grandkids and three great-grandkids. Does it sound like I'm into anal copulation?
Larry Erker, St. Louis

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