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Unreal thinks that dogs are incredible, sizes matter and carp cakes are good eatin'. Plus, an artist has some colorful words for ArtDimensions Village.

Not at all. A lot of times smaller-size shoes are harder to come by in the styles that men like. Plus, when you have one-of-a-kind shoes, they normally cost a pretty penny. Others can't have these styles even if they want them, so that's a pretty exclusive type of a feeling.

Does shoe size matter to women, in your opinion, and if so, is the shoe's length or its girth more important?

Oh my goodness! That would probably fall under "no comment." I would have to say, though, it's all about the style, not the size, 'cause a man's shoe says a lot about a man. Nice-looking shoes that are well maintained speak to the confidence of a man and show that he is well groomed, polished and has a sense of style. That's always attractive to a woman.

Great leapin' pooches, that's incredible!
Lee A. Presser
Great leapin' pooches, that's incredible!

A 2002 study by researchers at University College London found no link between a man's shoe size and the length of his penis, but is there any reason to trust the English at all?

[Laughs.] I would say it's a little iffy.

Are bisexual men more likely to have one foot longer than the other?

No. We actually find that pretty common, for men to have different-size feet. I don't think it says anything, other than that it's a lot harder for them to shop for shoes.


Unreal missed the ArtDimensions Village at Taste of St. Louis last month, but Nilsen Turan-Kennedy didn't. Here's some of what NT-K had to say in a mass e-mail addressed to ArtDimensions, a St. Louis-based arts nonprofit:

I protest your jurying and award decisions of last weekend.... Who was your judge and what was the criteria?... You also gave awards to ~10 artists out of ~30.

You call it an art show! Was jewellery worth $5 displayed at the St. Louis Artists' Guild's booth (why), or mass produced wooden pendants (buy one get one free!) displayed next to my booth...? The Urban Art Fence looked horrid, like a Third Country outdoor bazaar display.

I thought this would be an art show. You could — at least — give a title like arts and crafts show to it, then I could choose not to participate.

You should attempt to educate and to bring the society to a higher level by displaying true art, while not displaying crafts worth $5 to make people assume that what they looked at there was art.... You get the city's support and all those grants.... You had the great opportunity of doing it over the weekend, but I'm afraid, you just failed.

Gina and Davide Weaver of ArtDimensions shot back a rebuttal (trimmed but otherwise presented verbatim) ought to give you an idea:

To address your issues, first I am sorry that you were unhappy with the jurying and art award decisions at last week's Taste of St. Louis.... To limit judging to specific limiting criteria would be too restrictive for artists to mold to a single theme that was truly not required of such an open event....

It is unfortunate that your vision of the St. Louis Artists' Guild was so narrow, the personnel that manned that organizations booth were volunteers, volunteers that show their support not only for the guild, ArtDimensions, but artisans as a whole.... As a small thank-you, the guild allowed artists to show their expressions of art.... Many artists sell their items packaged and some even reduce prices for events such as ours. Would it be more acceptable to inflate costs so the items seem worth more to you?...

To address the Urban Art Fence, the compliment of a 3rd World Bazaar is quite fitting, what is more "urban" than that?... Not to mention that 6 pieces from the fence exhibit sold — a record sales accomplishment for the exhibit. Could it have been that bad??

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