Take back our downtown! Gehry's plan might seem a bit elitist to Mike Shannon, but the original Ballpark Village plan was pandering to the lowest common denominator. Better to have a stunning signature building than more of the faux-retro corporate sellout theme park that is our new Busch Stadium. St. Louis was sold a bill of goods by the Cardinals' owners; let's take our downtown back. After all, we paid for it.
Wes Fordyce, St. Louis

Feature, October 19, 2006

Clark vs. Clark

All hail Peyton "Bud" Clark! Malcolm Gay has insulted the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, insulted my father and insulted the Clark family ["Lewis & Clark & Clark & Clark"]What kind of journalist writes such a one-sided pack of lies? Scorning the efforts of DESC? Sneering at my dad? Calling him one of many Clarks?

My dad is a standout amongst all Clarks! He has earned his place, devoting a lot of his life to learning the history, and not because he had any plans of portraying Clark, but because he was proud of his heritage and interested in the artifacts of the period.

He knows the weapons down to the last screw. He has met and formed friendships with many noted historians. He met them in his travels in the last 25-plus years of horse-trading on the L&C trail for L&C artifacts. When researching his artifacts, he called them. When they wrote a book, he bought it and read it. When seeking information about our family genealogy, he called them. Since the 1980s, when there was a National Trail Heritage meeting, he attended it. He is now on their board of directors. Did you also know that it was he and his brother John who spearheaded the project to have William Clark's grave and monument restored? He has been asked to speak at numerous events and symposiums — not just because he is a Clark, but because he has a firm grasp of the history and a way of expressing himself that is a pleasure to witness. That, coupled with a collection of documents and artifacts passed down through our family and many pieces that he bought back from collectors that previous generations had sold. Did you know that my dad is the one of the most respected antique firearms collectors in the country?

Who are you to criticize him and the hard work of DESC? The Discovery Expedition will go down in history as the best example of how future generations should commemorate the next centennial. To print that quote from Churchill — "William who?" was unforgivable. You should be ashamed. No one person did more than Peyton "Bud" Clark during this entire bicentennial — and for many years prior — to teach the story of Willam Clark and the Lewis & Clark expedition.

It's reassuring to know that you won't be publishing any more articles about Lewis & Clark this century. I'm glad you put it in the title so we can all be sure. Thank God there will be no more irresponsible, disgusting garbage.
Lisa Clark, Garden City, Michigan

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