First Things First

Neither lawsuits nor vocal surgeries can stop metal-prog-emo powerhouse From First to Last.

And one of your gifts, I guess, is that you're responsible.

In a sense. I'm probably more of a kid than other people in the band, but for me it's like a game. It's really about your brain power when you're in the music industry. I want things to be good. I desire for things in music to be good, and I think the way I do that is just by trying to make as many good decisions on a personal level [as] with my band.

You mentioned the music industry. Is there a band that's gone before you that you see as a kind of role model as far as business and artistic choices?

From First to Last: What, us worry?
lauren steil
From First to Last: What, us worry?


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You know, I would never want to jock this band or, you know, steal their ideas and stuff, but a definite band who has had a good, solid career that I look up to is Nine Inch Nails, especially on the business end. I just like how it's been a very consistent artistic vision that's [been] maintained and stood the test of time, because, you know, they started in the late '80s and have been through many different fads of music. It's very similar to Tool also. Just really trying to stay true to yourself. Being true to yourself and just creating. Like, you're only new once, and after that you're old.

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