Eat to the Beat

Head Automatica turns the beat around, while we convene at the altar of Reverend Glasseye and fill up yer iPod with some classy tunes.

The Download

Head Automatica: Pop goes the weasel.
Head Automatica: Pop goes the weasel.
Reverend Glasseye: Testify, brother.
Lacey Astra
Reverend Glasseye: Testify, brother.

Few storytellers can match wits with Tom Waits. For three decades, he has summoned up the things that go bump in the night with a voice that resembles a busted carburetor being dragged down a dirt road. Before Scarlett Johansson has her way with him (Scarlett Sings Tom Waits hits shelves in 2007 — seriously), check out a few tracks from the upcoming Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards, a three-disc collection of rarities and new material. "Road to Peace" and "Bottom of the World" (Brawlers) showcases the more boisterous side of Waits; "You Can Never Hold Back Spring" (Bawlers) slows things down for a Louis Armstrong-style ballad. Bastards is reserved for the truly bizarre. Now playing at
— Andy Vihstadt

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