What, a Dump?

Environmentalists decry the expansion of a gigantic Illinois landfill.

Opponents, meanwhile, insist that any economic windfall Madison may reap is not worth building a landfill in their community. Some have gone so far as to call the money Waste Management is offering a "legal bribe."

Joe Durako, the district manager at Milam, says Waste Management goes beyond what the environmental law requires. Liners are required at all landfills, but, says Durako, the North Milam dump will use an enhanced liner with two extra layers — better than what regulations demand.

Peter O. Zierlein

Andria does not find this fact comforting. "I'm appreciative of that, but I wish [Durako] would take his thick landfill liner and go somewhere else. Somewhere that's not in a floodplain." She concedes that Madison may be seduced by Waste Management's monetary offerings, but adds, "I think it's a sad commentary on the status of a community when they have to live by a garbage dump."

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