Basketball by the Book, Part 2: Foul Play

Diana Bourisaw asks her staff to blow the whistle on ineligible basketball players.

Says Jackson: "That [violation] was pretty blatant."

A March 3, 2004, St. Louis Post-Dispatch article reported that athletic directors in the Suburban North Conference filed a complaint concerning White with MSHSAA. However, the athletic directors withdrew the complaint after being accused of racism in a St. Louis American editorial.

MSHSAA has no record of the original complaint. Officials say they never investigated White's residency. Terry Funderburk, who heads the Suburban North Conference, could not be reached for comment for this article.

todd julie

As for the discrepancies revealed by the RFT, Rick Kindhart, an assistant MSHSAA executive director, says the association is not taking any action — at least not yet. "No one here has said this is a dead issue, but we are certainly not going to hang a member school out to dry publicly without having all the information," Kindhart explains. "Ultimately, if a school administrator is aware of violations, it is his or her obligation as a member to step up."

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