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Yippee: Unreal finds a way to interact (virtually) with the world's sexiest people! Plus -- Granite City's relative suckiness, McDonald's bad 'tude and Circuit City's parking-lot campers.

Andy said the group had already made tentative plans for the weekend.

"Nintendo Wii is coming out this Sunday," he noted. "We'll probably be out here again."

Dan Zettwoch


This week's Commontary™ is brought to you by Bob Hohlt of O'Fallon, Missouri, who has a beef with McDonald's. Take it away, Bob!

On September 27 I was charged with trespassing at a McDonald's in O'Fallon. The incident occurred after I ordered two cherry pies and a milk at the drive-through. Instead they gave me an apple pie and a cherry pie and no receipt.

I drove back to the window to inform them that they got the order wrong. I was then told that the restaurant could no longer serve me. A policeman showed up and told me to park my vehicle. He handcuffed me. When he realized I couldn't walk with my arms handcuffed, he gave me a summons for trespassing. I'm a disabled Vietnam veteran. I was twice injured by explosions in Vietnam and exposed to Agent Orange. I have numerous health ailments as a result of my military service. This is no way to treat an old, honorably discharged veteran.

Worse, I believe McDonald's action was a direct retaliation for an incident that happened earlier this year. I was eating at the same McDonald's in January when I witnessed a couple bring their young boy into the restaurant. The boy slipped on a wet floor in the bathroom. He was wearing a white shirt and was just filthy from falling on the floor. The kid was crying like crazy and the father was angry.

I told the manager that she needed to call an ambulance. But she was extremely rude and told me to butt out: "This is none of your business." I said, "Yes it is. You ruined my meal, and you have offended me."

I went home and called McDonald's 800 number to complain. After that incident I came to the McDonald's another day with my granddaughter. We bought some food. Again they got the order wrong. They gave me an apple pie. I can't eat apple pies. Spice (nutmeg and cinnamon) and I don't get along. If I'm going to have apple pie, I want it country style — flavored with lemon and sugar and honey.

In regards to the little boy who fell at McDonald's, my son remarked to me: "That's what you get for trying to help someone." But I've always believed that offering help to others is the right thing to do. I figured McDonald's would want to know about a problem in their store — a dirty restaurant is a health hazard and a wet floor is dangerous. I never expected the outcome. Now I'm forced to hire an attorney I cannot afford to defend me for a crime I did not commit. But then, I guess no good deed goes unpunished at McDonald's.

Ever get the urge to jump up and ____ this damn town?
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