Hillbilly Noir

The literary world is abuzz over Daniel Woodrell, bard of the Ozarks.

In any case, his financial windfall poses a certain dilemma. "If you're not careful it starts to look kinda silly to stay where we're at, because we really don't have to anymore. We have difficulty deciding if we want another adventure moving a distance, or if we're just looking for a larger place here."

Woodrell promises his next book will also feature an Ozarks backdrop, a plan that runs counter to advice dispensed by the New York Times' David Bowman: "The whole Ozark milieu is rendered so completely and expertly that Woodrell should consider changing the settings of his future novels, just as Cormac McCarthy gave up Tennessee for Mexico," he wrote in his review of Winter's Bone.

Woodrell's unlikely to budge on his next novel's setting, but he predicts it will be more upbeat than his usual somber output.


"I've aged now, and some of the bleakness of my earlier books — I don't repudiate it. But the truth is, I come from a shitty little box on Perry Street and now I got Anjelica Huston calling me at home. It means if you got a dream and you got some talent and you stick and work it, you could get something. And I'm getting a little more interested in things that might carry people that way a little bit.

"Katie points this out all the time: It's not true that there's no chance. There is a chance. My dad, fuck, he found a way. You can find a way. Might be interesting to contemplate people finding a way for a while."

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