As it stands now, there are deserted buildings in the area. A 2004 plan to reduce the crime rate in deserted areas of Baltimore stated that worthwhile projects would stimulate positive activity. Baltimore's crime rate has declined significantly according to the thirteenth edition of Morgan Quitno Press' published rankings. Perhaps an initiative like the one the university is proposing will do the same for St. Louis. The sports arena also has the capability to stimulate the economy. According to an October 29 report on National Public Radio, the new Busch Stadium beautified a downtown St. Louis area that was once an eyesore and a tragedy. Now the area has grown economically with 50 new businesses opening. The growth provides more jobs and stimulates the environment to promote tourism. The dissidents need to look beyond their personal issues and think about midtown St. Louis as a whole. I am glad to see that the majority of the residents and outside supporters are in favor of the project. My hopes are that SLU will prevail and do something positive for the Grand Center area.
Melissa Benton-Hopper, Florissant

Unreal, October 26, 2006

Unreal Fan Keep it "coming" — ha! I thought Trojan Victory and the Bud stuff was funny as hell. Keep it "coming," man! (ha, ha, ha.)
Steve Cobb, Austin, Texas

Feature, October 12, 2006

Lewis & Clark Disembark Man overboard: The antics of the people who've been re-enacting one of the greatest human adventure's in recorded history are predictable behavior, and Malcolm Gay's "Lewis & Clark & Clark & Clark" was an unremarkable write-up.

No good result could come of such material without slanting the article humorously. Lacking this, readers could get bored. Even the people taking part in the expeditions got bored.
John D. Coty, St. Louis

News Real, October 12, 2006

Thin Ice How about a decent goalie, Dave? Dave Checketts' "new" ideas about cheaper tickets and the Ice Girls are good for Blues fans. However, he needs to invest his money in obtaining a quality goalie and players who can send the Blues to the playoffs, rather than giving us another dismal season.
Luis Martinez, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

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