Unreal News Challenge 2006

Week of December 21, 2006

D) The main ingredient in a St. Paul sandwich

15) Which of the following music venues has not — at least as we go to press — shuffled off this mortal coil?

A) Sally T's

Octavio Diaz
Octavio Diaz

B) Mississippi Nights

C) The Hi-Pointe

D) Frederick's Music Lounge

16) Which of the following events had its debut in 2006?

A) The Steve Kline Awards honoring St. Louisans with the good sense to tell the boss to stick it

B) The Franz Kline Awards recognizing outstanding local abstract artists

C) The Calvin Klein Awards celebrating area "Damn, your ass looks hot in them '80s-style jeans!" people

D) The Kevin Kline Awards rewarding outstanding accomplishments in local theater

17) The man after whom the Kevin Kline Awards are named won an Oscar for which film role?

A) The brooding alcoholic husband Ben Hood in 1997's The Ice Storm (Memorable Quote: "The only big fight we've had in years is about whether to go back into couples therapy.")

B) Pizza parlor owner Joey Boca, complete with spot-on Italian accent, in the 1990 film I Love You to Death (Memorable Quote: "When somebody shoot you in the head, it make you think.")

C) The obscenity-spewing con man Otto in the 1988 masterpiece A Fish Called Wanda (Memorable Quote: "You pompous, stuck-up, snot-nosed, English, giant, twerp, scumbag, fuck-face, dickhead, asshole.")

D) Nathan Landau, the sensitive lover of concentration-camp survivor Sophie (Meryl Streep), in 1982's Sophie's Choice (Memorable Quote: "Don't you see, Sophie? We're dying.")

Match the St. Louis ranking with the poll:

18) Men's Health magazine's "Angriest Cities"

19) Zest Body Wash's "50 Most Adventurous Cities"

20) National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty's "Meanest Cities"

21) Sperling's Best Places' "Migraine Hot Spots"

A) 45th

B) 10th

C) 5th

D) 19th

22) Riverfront Times ad salesman Dan Nassif finished in ninth place in which 2006 sporting event?

A) The Talladega 500

B) The Preakness Stakes

C) The World Series of Poker

D) Synchronized Swimming Invitational (Men's Individual)

23) In November researchers at Washington University made news when they announced plans to develop a "dipstick" test to check for caffeine in beverages. The test uses antibodies the scientists derived from which two creatures?

A) Camels and llamas

B) Chimpanzees and orangutans

C) Carp and catfish

D) Wasps and bees

24) What was Mike Shannon's call when the last out was made in the 2006 World Series?

A) "Swing and a miss! The Cards do it again! The Cards do it again! Nobody thought they stood a chance, but there you have it, folks: Miracles happen!"

B) "Swing and a miss! The Cardinals are world champions for 2006 as Wainwright greets the catcher and they mob the pitcher and catcher on the mound here at Busch Stadium."

C) "Swing and a miss! The Cards rout the Tigers and win the series for the first time in 24 years! Heh, heh, heh."

D) "Swing and a miss! Cards win! Cards win! Holy fucking shit! The Cards are world champions! Somebody get me a beer!"

25) In April Principia College senior Aaron Goldsmith purchased the first what at the new Busch Stadium?

A) Goddamn teddy-bear

B) Outrageously overpriced beer

C) Outrageously overpriced hot dog

D) Market-priced steroids

26) The announcement that Nashville singers Trace Adkins and Billy Ray Cyrus would sing the national anthem at the Cardinals' first two home World Series games this year was met with some, well...let's call it chagrin. According to the Wall Street Journal, who would have been one of classic rocker/skipper Tony La Russa's Oh, Say Can You Sing choices?

A) Meat Loaf

B) Sammy Hagar

C) Ian Anderson

D) Axl Rose

27) During Chuck Berry's 80th birthday celebration at Blueberry Hill in October, who joined him onstage?

A) Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards

B) Real life "Johnny B. Goode" Johnnie Johnson

C) Son Volt singer Jay Farrar

D) Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry

28) On the morning of April 26, Miller Brewing hired a pilot to buzz arch-rival Anheuser-Busch's headquarters in an airplane. What words were emblazoned on the banner the airplane was pulling?

A) "Tastes bad, more filling"

B) "Miller Lite: 2006 World Beer Cup Winner!"

C) "Sire, Sire, Pants on Fire"

D) "Jay-Z is wack"

29) In October Cardinals players David Eckstein and Jeff Suppan, along with Mike Sweeney of the Kansas City Royals, identified themselves in a St. Louis Post-Dispatch print ad as "athletes with moral convictions" and announced their opposition to what issue?

A) The use of animal fur to make coats

B) The war in Iraq

C) Missouri's stem cell initiative

D) Steroid use in baseball

30) During arguments on the floor of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen in January, Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr. was quoted thus: "Here I am with my ten-year-old and they're playing some of the most foul music you ever heard. They're not playing Mozart. They're not playing Paganini. They're not playing anything that you would really want to hear." To what was Bosley referring?

A) A reunited Black Artists Group, which played dissonant free jazz in the City Hall rotunda

B) Drivers who cruise the streets jamming hip-hop at full volume

C) A city-sanctioned rave at Kiener Plaza

D) A Wiggles concert at the Fox Theatre

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