Unreal News Challenge 2006

Week of December 21, 2006

31) In February sixteen people were arrested on suspicion of stealing thousands of dollars' worth of equipment from Dick's Sporting Goods in Des Peres. Among those charged were members of which area sports team?

A) Fontbonne University chess team

B) Washington University lacrosse team

Octavio Diaz

C) University of Missouri-St. Louis baseball team

D) Vashon High School basketball team

32) In March then-KTRS (550 AM) morning-show personality Dave Lenihan was kicked off the air for accidentally uttering an inappropriate remark about U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. What did Lenihan inadvertently call Rice?

A) "A nasty dyke"

B) "A gap-toothed tool"

C) "A stupid ho"

D) "A big coon"

33) In December a St. Louis man was shot by his wife after she became upset when he delivered her a warm beer. What brand of beer was it?

A) Schlafly Coffee Stout

B) Stag

C) Colt 45 Malt Liquor

D) Budweiser Select

34) Who is the superintendent of the St. Louis Public Schools?

A) Veronica O'Brien

B) Creg Williams

C) Diana Bourisaw

D) Vincent Schoemehl

35) What is the name of the power company that serves most of the St. Louis metropolitan area?

A) AmerenUE

B) LamerenUE

C) NotagainUE

D) DuhUE

36) Opal Henderson is being forced to relocate her business from just south of downtown after more than 50 years of operation. In its place will be a budding "Ice House District." What kind of business does Henderson run?

A) A brothel

B) A junkyard

C) A glue factory

D) A lead smelter

37) This past spring, Johannes Schnitter of Berlin, Germany, launched a protest Web site called www .budout.com, urging a boycott of Budweiser beer. What prompted Schnitter's snit?

A) He's a fan of the Czech beer Budvar, which lost a patent battle to Anheuser-Busch.

B) He was upset that Budweiser was named the official sponsor of soccer's World Cup.

C) He suspected that Anheuser-Busch had secretly altered the flavor of his favorite beer.

D) "I just can't stand this beer, which is now everywhere in Germany. I would rather drink the warm, salty sweat that drips between David Beckham's butt cheeks."

38) According to press reports, how many times has Dr. Alan Doerhoff, the doctor who supervised lethal injections in Missouri, been sued for malpractice?

A) "More than 5"

B) "More than 10"

C) "More than 15"

D) "More than 20"

39) In October which member of St. Louis hip-hop group the St. Lunatics was zapped with a stun gun after being pulled over for a traffic violation?

A) Nelly

B) City Spud

C) Ali

D) Murphy Lee

40) Huntsville, Missouri, made the news this year for auctioning what on eBay?

A) Its fleet of police cars

B) A fully funtioning meth lab

C) An incarcerated suspect's wedding ring

D) Its county jail

41) In 2006, HBO ran the final season of its popular cursin'-cowboy drama Deadwood. Which historical Deadwoodian is buried in the metro area?

A) Al Swearingen

B) Wu

C) Sol Starr

D) Doc Cochran

42) At the 22nd annual Mud Mania Festival in Jefferson Barracks Park this summer, more than 300 people developed symptoms of what malady?

A) Pthirus pubis (crab lice)

B) Escherichia coli (E. coli)

C) Candidiasis (yeast infection)

D) Folliculitis (follicle infection)

43) Who is Gwendolyn Faison and to what was she referring when she exclaimed, "You made my day! There's a new hope and a new spirit."

A) A downtown merchant relieved that the Ballpark Village development would come to fruition

B) A Wash. U. researcher pleased that Missouri voters passed a state stem-cell initiative in November

C) A Democratic adviser rejoicing at her party's triumph in Congress

D) The mayor of Camden, New Jersey, pleased that St. Louis dethroned Camden as America's Most Dangerous City

44) In October 27 people were stricken with the "Norwalk virus." Where were they when they contracted it?

A) Aboard the Mississippi Queen riverboat

B) In the cafeteria at Scott Air Force Base

C) At Busch Stadium, watching the Cardinals clinch the 2006 World Series

D) At a south St. Louis Taco Bell

45) How did Chaminade College Preparatory School seniors Jack McKinney and Tom Slattery achieve fame this year?

A) By being the youngest gay men ever to become partners in a civil union

B) By winning the 2006 junior doubles category in the World Ultimate Club Championships (Frisbee) in Perth, Australia

C) By scaling the side of an office tower in Richmond Heights

D) By winning the men's eighteen-and-under International Double-Dutch title

46) In March local Chinese food deliveryman Hau Su was carjacked and stuffed in the trunk of his Toyota Camry while a fifteen-year-old girl and some companions went on a joyride. How did he alert police to his whereabouts?

A) He called them on his cell phone

B) He kicked open the trunk, made a daring leap out of the moving vehicle and flagged them down

C) He employed the trunk's release lever, cracked the lid and displayed a makeshift flag

D) He kicked through the back seat and overpowered the driver

47) With what offense was Timothy Lamping, son of St. Louis Cardinals president Mark Lamping, charged on the Fourth of July?

A) Shooting Roman candles at baseball fans from a Busch Stadium luxury box

B) Throwing bottles into a swimming pool from the roof of a neighboring building

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