Unreal News Challenge 2006

Week of December 21, 2006

C) Scalping baseball tickets outside Busch Stadium

D) Carjacking a Chinese food deliveryman and going on a joyride

48) In March the son of an ex-Cardinal appeared in an Esquire magazine fashion spread between photos of actors William H. Macy and Seann William Scott. Who was he?

Octavio Diaz
Octavio Diaz

A) Nikko Smith, son of Ozzie

B) Dan Shannon, son of Mike

C) Jared Van Slyke, son of Andy

D) Matthew McGwire, son of Mark

49) This year Atlanta-based Civic Strategies Inc. ranked 21 large-market newspapers for their regional and local coverage. Where did the Post-Dispatch land?

A) 1st place

B) 8th place

C) 16th place

D) 21st place

50) What is the Missouri Department of Transportation's "Funding Allocation Challenge"?

A) A controversial new Lotto scratch-off game whose proceeds go directly into the highway department's coffers

B) An online game in which players allocate cyber money to projects in order to better understand the department's challenges

C) A leaked department briefing that recommends diverting all 2008-'10 monies earmarked for the city of St. Louis in order to fund the impending Highway 40 project

D) A department-wide spelling bee that pitted employees against one another to see who was the best at correctly spelling street names throughout the state

51) How much is the planned Highway 40 rebuild, which will be the largest highway project ever undertaken in Missouri state history, expected to cost taxpayers?

A) $342 million

B) $535 million

C) $684 million

D) Your bottom dollar

52) This summer the Reverend Larry Rice announced his support for the idea of setting aside an acre of city-owned land for use as a permanent homeless village. What would Rice's neighborhood be called?

A) Larryland

B) Slayburgh

C) Freedom Village

D) Hooterville

53) In October a seventeen-year-old Jerseyville, Illinois, youth died after being Tasered by a local police officer. According to police reports, what was the youth screaming just before he was Tasered?

A) "I want Jesus."

B) "I've got a bomb."

C) "Take one more step and I'll shoot."

D) "Who do you think I am, Larry Conners?"

54) What is Illinois Senator Dick Durbin's new title?

A) Whip

B) Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates

C) El Duderino

D) Assistant U.S. Senate Majority Leader

55) "It's going to hurt cheerleading," said Jennifer Graeff, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale's cheerleading coach, after the Missouri Valley Conference banned two cheerleading moves after a woman was injured. "The best analogy I can make is that this is like taking the three-point line away from the basketball team." Which two moves are affected?

A) The Herkie and the Cupie

B) The Basket Toss and the 2-1/2-Person-High Pyramid

C) The 3-Person High-V and 5-Person Tri-Hitch

D) The Whooptie-Doo and the Crotch Cradle

56) How did twelve-year-old Collinsville resident Alyssa Korte gain fame in 2006?

A) As a gold medalist in the 2006 Inline Speed Skating Invitational

B) As winner of A.G. Edwards' U.S. Youth Investment Championship

C) As a winner of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese's "Cheesiest Kids in America" contest

D) As the youngest-ever cover model for Cosmopolitan magazine

57) Who designed Washington University's new Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum?

A) Fumihiko Maki

B) Tadao Ando

C) Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum (HOK)

D) Definitely not Frank Gehry, because Riverfront Times would never mislead readers when it comes to the Greatest Architect in the History of the World. He has a great sense of humor, too. He's handsome, kind, gentle and not at all litigious.

58) What is the Morgan Quitno Press?

A) A weightlifting method that enabled televangelist Pat Robertson to leg press 1,300 pounds

B) The publishing house responsible for naming St. Louis the nation's most dangerous city

C) St. Louis-based porn publisher with titles such as Hot 'n' Greasy and Ridin' Dirty

D) Joyce Meyer Ministries' publishing arm

59) In October nationally syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh was criticized for comments he made regarding a campaign ad that Michael J. Fox, who is afflicted with Parkinson's Disease, made for Claire McCaskill. What did Limbaugh say?

A) "Look at him. It's like he's doing John Ashcroft's version of the Percolator. Somebody should give him an Oscar. This is the performance of a lifetime."

B) "You know what would help him with those symptoms? A few tabs of mighty Oxycontin."

C) "I know a couple of people who have Parkinson's, and I have never seen them act in any way like that. He's clearly exaggerating."

D) "He is exaggerating the effects of the disease. He's moving all around and shaking and it's purely an act."

Match the local city official with the indiscretion:

60) Former Kirkwood deputy mayor Thomas J. Noonan

61) Former Country Club Hills mayor Felton Flagg

62) Former East St. Louis director of code enforcement Kelvin Ellis

63) Former St. Peters mayor Tom Brown

A) Revoking a liquor license as retaliation for an outspoken business owner

B) Stealing $73,000 from his employer, Zip Mail Services Inc.

C) Plotting the murder of a witness

D) Illicitly purchasing oxycodone

64) Which of the following is not owned by Anheuser-Busch?

A) Rolling Rock

B) Stone Mill Pale

C) Hurricane Malt Liquor

D) Boulevard Wheat

65) Brian G. Sparks of Florissant admitted in U.S. District Court that he had bilked businesses out of about $18,000 worth of electric guitars and music equipment by posing as which Grammy-winning guitarist?

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