Unreal News Challenge 2006

Week of December 21, 2006

A) Joe Satriani

B) Steve Vai

C) Eric Johnson

Octavio Diaz
Octavio Diaz

D) Yngwie Malmsteen

66) State Senator Bill Alter of High Ridge, at the suggestion of an eleven-year-old girl, introduced legislation that would bar grocery stores from selling what?

A) Individually packaged beer or beer that is refrigerated below 60 degrees

B) Wine with an alcohol content above 12 percent

C) Gay-themed pornography

D) Diet Coke and Mentos as part of the same purchase

67) Jackson, Missouri, student Nathan Warmack was barred from wearing what after he arrived at a high school dance sporting it?

A) A thong

B) A kilt

C) A nose ring

D) Grillz

68) What celebrity dropped in at O.B. Clark's bar in Brentwood with two Chihuahuas in tow?

A) John Lithgow

B) Paris Hilton

C) Mickey Rourke

D) Farrah Fawcett

Match the team with the sport:

69) RiverCity Rage

70) River City Rascals

71) St. Louis Swarm

72) Missouri River Otters

A) Indoor football

B) Basketball

C) Baseball

D) Hockey

73) Last year SabaH shuttered its New York City location to open in the Bevo Mill neighborhood. What is SabaH?

A) The nation's largest Bosnian-American newspaper

B) A world-famous Bosnian eatery

C) A human-rights organization that protects the interests of Bosnian Americans

D) The world's largest manufacturer of backyard smokehouses

74) Which municipality was cited by author Dave Gilmartin in his book The Absolutely Worst Places to Live in America?

A) St. Louis, Missouri

B) Pine Lawn, Missouri

C) Festus, Missouri

D) Granite City, Illinois

75) What catapulted north St. Louis County suburb Black Jack into the news this year?

A) Its city council legalized possession of small amounts of medical marijuana.

B) It unilaterally declared all forms of stem-cell research to be cloning and warned that violators would be charged with "crimes against humanity."

C) Its city council passed an ordinance prohibiting more than three people from living together in a single-family residence unless they are related by "blood, marriage or adoption"

D) It made the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest-ever game of blackjack, with 2,134 players.

Match the politician with the office he or she won in the November elections:

76) Claire McCaskill

77) Mike McMillan

78) Susan Montee

79) Jeff Smith

A) St. Louis License Collector

B) State Auditor

C) State Senator

D) U.S. Senator

80) According to AutoVantage, an automobile club, St. Louis drivers are among the nation's most courteous. Where does the city rank?

A) 2nd

B) 3rd

C) 8th

D) 17th

81) In December President Bush nominated Clayton businessman and deep-pocketed Republican donor Sam Fox to become ambassador to which country?

A) Belgium

B) Spain

C) Freedonia

D) Luxembourg

82) Who is Abigale Lynn Woods?

A) Missouri's oldest female death-row inmate

B) The first baby cloned under Missouri's stem-cell initiative

C) The recently announced Libertarian candidate for president of the United States

D) A baby abducted from her rural Missouri home

83) What the hell is that building where the Blues play called again?

A) Paige Laurie's Club 64 East West

B) Savvis Center

C) The Checkerdome

D) Scottrade Center

84) St. Louis Rapper Jibbs' "Chain Hang Low" borrows its melody from which traditional song?

A) "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"

B) "Zip Coon"

C) "Old Folks at Home"

D) "Moon River"

85) In December Chesterfield resident Hellen Carpenter offered up for auction items she inherited from her famous grandfather. Who was he?

A) Dr. James Naismith, creator of the game of basketball

B) Charles Darrow, who copyrighted Monopoly

C) Dr. William Mathias Scholl, who founded Dr. Scholl's

D) Martin Wilkes Heron, creator of Southern Comfort

86) What Detroit player made the final out of the 2006 World Series?

A) Magglio Ordoñez

B) Sean Casey

C) Brandon Inge

D) Pudge

87) Where did 2006 National League Most Valuable Player Ryan Howard attend high school?

A) Vashon

B) Lindbergh

C) McCluer North

D) Lafayette

Match the book with the local author:

88) Curses

89) Setting the Table

90) The Discomfort Zone

91) One Fine Stooge: Larry Fine's Frizzy Life in Pictures

A) Stephen Cox

B) Kevin Huizenga

C) Danny Meyer

D) Jonathan Franzen

92) "It is much bigger and better than what was originally talked about," St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay said at a news conference in October. To what was Slay referring?

A) St. Louis' shocking population gain, as reflected in revised census figures

B) The proposed hospital complex to be constructed on city-owned Forest Park land

C) A newly designed floating McDonald's that promises to revitalize the St. Louis riverfront

D) The proposed Ballpark Village project adjacent to Busch Stadium

93) In 2006 St. Louis lost three of its most famous blues legends. Which is still among the living?

A) Henry Townsend

B) Barbara Carr

C) Clarence Johnson

D) Bennie Smith

94) Which local men's store was named this year as one of Esquire's "Finest Men's Specialty Stores in the Country"?

A) Gus's Fashions

B) Sam Cavato

C) Ziezo

D) Level 1

95) This past spring the Gateway Grizzlies debuted a new menu item, "Baseball's Best Burger," at their home opener. What are the ingredients?

A) A hamburger, two strips of bacon, and cheddar cheese served between two halves of a glazed doughnut

B) A hot dog cut lengthwise and served between two hamburgers with a dollop of macaroni and cheese on a pretzel-dough bun

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