Unreal News Challenge 2006

Week of December 21, 2006

C) A hamburger, two slices of fried bologna and a spoonful of cole slaw, served between two halves of an apple fritter

D) A hamburger with cheddar cheese and Canadian bacon sandwiched between two slices of pepperoni pizza

96) Area pianist Peter Martin performed at this year's Oscar ceremony after appearing in what nominated film?

Octavio Diaz
Octavio Diaz

A) Walk the Line

B) Crash

C) Capote

D) Good Night, and Good Luck

97) What is the name of Grammy-winning St. Louis rap artist Murphy Lee's reality show?

A) Da Breakz

B) Da Survivorist

C) Da Grind

D) Da Crunkest Link

98) Who is the new coach of Vashon High School's basketball team?

A) Anthony Bonner

B) Floyd Irons

C) Diana Bourisaw

D) Quin Snyder

99) Which hot actress was seen tooling around St. Louis this summer while working on the local set of Bill?

A) Scarlett Johansson

B) Jennifer Connelly

C) Halle Berry

D) Jessica Alba

100) What did former Wizard of Oz Munchkin Mickey Carroll finally receive this year?

A) A presidential pardon after he was wrongly convicted of embezzling money from the Little People of America

B) A $423,000 check for residual payments

C) A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

D) His black-and-white striped costume, which he claimed was willed to him by the single-named Wizard of Oz costume designer, Adrian

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