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Unreal finally understands how to operate our fleet of Mercedes Benzes. Plus: A fashion update for a local hero and a de-gumming of STL sidewalks.

Unreal caught up with Dreiling to find out what life is like on the other side of the tracks.

Unreal: Who buys these cars?

Roy Dreiling: I just left the house of the guy who founded Reddi-wip. I meet some of the most interesting people.

You say some people can't figure out how to change CDs. Is it possible the rich are dumber than the rest of us?

One guy was having his son come out to the car and change the CD whenever he wanted to listen to new music. The CD player could be in the glove box, or it could be in a dash that's hidden. There are also some systems that are voice-activated. You just call out the track you want.

Have you ever had a customer who really couldn't grasp this stuff?

Yes, but I'm patient. People just sigh in amazement as we go over this stuff. I just repeat: "Life is good." I reassure them, keep telling them they can get it. We just work through it together. Eventually most of them get it. You see it in their faces. They get this look.

What does it look like?


Local Blog O' the Week

"STL Working Mom"
Author: Marijean Jaggers
About the blogger: "I lived and worked in St. Louis for 18 years then, suddenly, moved to Charlottesville, Va. at the end of 2005. I've kept my job in St. Louis and am still the STL Working Mom, traveling back for work and keeping my head in the Lou for most of the week. Charlottesville is home."

Recent Highlight (January 19): In a stunning move by [Albemarle, Virginia] County, we've recently been notified that the elementary school will discontinue crossing guard services. The Albemarle County Police Department says that it is illegal for anyone other than a uniformed police officer to direct traffic.

I haven't been this riled up since my neighbor tried to weed my garden.

The crossing guard is a time honored icon. Where will the frame of reference for all those cold medicine and soup commercials go, if we lose our crossing guards nationwide? Who else will wear day-glo orange and assert an authoritative presence outside our neighborhood schools? We chose our home, in part, because it is close — within walking distance — of the elementary and middle school. This seemed like a huge plus to us. Walking is healthy! Now, though, because of the discontinuation of the crossing guards, the schools are providing bus services for all walkers, meaning the girl will now walk about seven houses down the street to catch a bus that will drive her across a street and into a parking lot. [...]

I did a little research this evening (which means a friend of mine called her brother who is a cop) to find out what crime I might be charged with (hypothetically) were I to help schoolchildren cross the street come Monday, when this all goes into effect. The brother (not an Albemarle officer) said the offense would be "obstruction of traffic" and probably ticketable. If a person were to persist, then he or she could be arrested.


Time to pick out an outfit that will stop traffic for Monday.

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