Defiance, Ohio

8 p.m. Tuesday, March 6. Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center (3301 Lemp Avenue).


$5. 314-771-1096.
The college towns of Bloomington, Indiana, and Athens, Georgia (and former timber town Eureka, California) may not seem like revolution hotspots. But don't tell that to riot-folk troubadours Defiance, Ohio, whose members hail from these cities — and try to practice the politics they preach by staying involved with a nonprofit bookstore and community center, an independent record store, and other community-building activities. Equally influenced by Woody Guthrie and Black Flag — and buoyed by dueling boy-girl vocals — the band departed from DIY label Plan-It-X to No Idea for its latest release, The Great Depression, whose earnest songs range from political criticism of a war president (jangly country gem "The New World Order") to upbeat punk celebrations of skateboarding ("This Feels Better") to folk ballads about suburban sprawl ("Oh, Susquehanna!").