Watermelon Slim

10 p.m. Thursday, March 29. BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups (700 South Broadway).

Watermelon Slim: Mmm, fruity blues.
Konrad Eek
Watermelon Slim: Mmm, fruity blues.


$10. 314-436-5222.
It's hard to pin down Watermelon Slim, a.k.a. Bill Homans. Sometimes he comes off like the most maniacal backwoods-blues weirdo since Hasil Adkins kicked the Campbell's soup can; other times he's as straight and studious as the degrees in history hanging on his wall; sometimes he's the best southpaw, slide-resophonic guitarist you've ever heard. Whatever the case, Slim's an American original, someone who learned his politics from a stint in a Vietnam rather than from a book and who takes his growl and drawl from the North Carolina working class. He gets down to business with a band that heaves and hollers like a Teamster brawl on a picket line stretching from the Delta to Chicago — and all blues points in between.