High Times

Smoking pot leads to a wicked case of the munchies? Who knew?

I have nothing against their sexuality whatsoever. They're not coming in and taking over my bar. They don't make love in my bar. I don't let straight people make love in my bar. I run people out every day for that. This is a neighborhood bar. I have a bunch of lesbian ladies that come in all the time, but I can't let people make love at the bar or in the back corners — it's distasteful as hell.

The woman asked me if I wanted her to leave and I said, "Not particularly, but if you're going to continue acting this way, it will not bother me a bit."

I bought this place from another person, and I don't know what a rainbow flag is. If it's in my window, I'll take the damn thing out. It's a weird situation. It was a terrible thing that happened.

Dan Zettwoch

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