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Week of May 24, 2007

"I still remember the first article that focused on that line," Offer sighs, "and then it just got to be ridiculous. So it became clear to me that I needed to back off, lyrically, because I didn't wanna get put in that box. And I realized that I really preferred stuff that had some emotional depth, but didn't hit you over the head." Thus "All My Heroes Are Weirdos," perhaps the most political tune on the new album, cushions its message by retelling the story of the Roman emperor Nero.

One thing Offer wishes he'd been a bit more direct about, however, is the status of Out Hud — a popular electronic side project that also included !!! members Tyler Pope and Van Der Volgen (who's now married to Out Hud's vocalist and drummer, Phyllis Forbes). Out Hud broke up following 2005's aptly titled Let Us Never Speak of It Again, but in a recent Pitchfork interview, Offer made what some construed as encouraging noises about a possible reunion. "You know, if it felt right, we would do it, I suppose," he said.

"Uh....I didn't mean it to be that open-ended. Maybe that was a mistake," Offer says now. "I don't think anybody feels that the time is right, and I don't see that day coming any time soon."

!!!: Tripping the funk fantastic.
!!!: Tripping the funk fantastic.


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Instead, the focus is now solely on !!!. And with a new album Offer feels is the best representation yet of the group's frenetic live experience, there ought to be a lot of "!!!"s in !!!'s immediate future. In fact, Offer confesses to only one regret: Now that the songs from Myth Takes have received further road-testing, they're already bigger and better than on record. It's the kind of built-in obsolescence that affects the albums of only the truly great live acts, but it still makes Offer a bit wistful upon reflection.

"That's what we're always gonna be chasing," he says. "That's the curse, I guess."

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