Team Tomato
We're having a bit of a venue crisis lately. Clubs keep shutting down, and they say it's hard for local bands to find a good place to play. Right? Well, Team Tomato doesn't seem to be feeling the crunch. The quartet appears to be busier than ever and is playing its own brand of dynamic alternative rock all over town. So what makes Team Tomato so special? Well, it has lavish drum solos, the indie-country elements of late-'80s R.E.M., the catchy guitar hooks of Nirvana, killer Beck covers — and it plays enchantingly layered melodies with style, bitches. Try to keep up. (JL)
Halo Bar, 10:30 p.m.
Walkie Talkie U.S.A.
A super-group of sorts, Walkie Talkie U.S.A. features present and former members of Nadine, Red Eyed Driver and the Phonocaptors. Together they communicate on multiple frequencies: proggy, Stooge-y, glammy, heavy — but mostly massively loud. Singer and songwriter Jason Hutto has the rock stance; legs akimbo, he could straddle all the Marshall stacks onstage. Plenty of those, and plenty of power chords channeled through tricky changes that never obliterate the melodies drawn out by Bryan Hoskins' freakishly high harmony vocals. (RK)
Delmar Restaurant & Lounge, 1 a.m.

Best Vocalist

Kevin Butterfield
With deep family roots in Missouri country, Kevin Butterfield carries on the tradition of Show-Me State-born singers such as Ferlin Husky, Porter Wagoner and Wynn Stewart — and he does so without even trying. With his shaved head and angled jaw, he looks more like the poli-sci graduate student he is than a country balladeer. As leader of the Linemen, the city's stone-cold, hillbilly-deluxe band, or as a regular solo performer at Iron Barley, his tone is always pure country heartache. (RK)
Riddle's Penultimate Café & Wine Bar, 11 p.m.
Joe DeBoer
Jumbling Towers lead singer Joe DeBoer has no problem enunciating. Every word is clearly pronounced; each syllable given its full weight. This dramatic, stage-ready style is coupled with his curious accent, which sounds vaguely British. It may be an act, but DeBoer's belief in these songs and his assuredness in his voice cuts through the pretension, making it a perfect match for Jumbling Towers' jagged, bristly brand of rock & roll. (CS)
Cicero's, 7 p.m.
Kim Massie
Veteran blues and jazz belter Kim Massie is to the St. Louis R&B scene what Skylab was to space: Her range is stratospheric, and you never know high she'll take you, or where or how hard she'll land. She has the growl of Koko, the swing of Aretha and the pure St. Louis soul of Ann Peebles — all of whom she isn't afraid to challenge by covering. She can pull you up to your feet by purring a smooth jazz tune and then knock you back in your seat with the least-clichéd, hardest-edged version of "Proud Mary" you can imagine. (RK)

Casey Reid
When scatting fast and jazzy, Casey Reid can sound like Tom Waits; when howling madly, he's as scary as Hasil Adkins; and when he gets low-down and mean, he can be as sexy as Jim Morrison. For a junkyard blues punk, he's a fairly protean singer, more technically gifted than the spontaneous combustion his songs require, and more willing to take risks than most blues singers. And he does in fact know his blue notes: Reid just doesn't hit them; he chews them down to the cold, hard bone. (RK)
Market in the Loop Outdoor Stage, 3 p.m.

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