Dave Brubeck

7:30 p.m. Sunday, June 3. Sheldon Concert Hall, (3648 Washington Boulevard.)

Dave Brubeck: Take five!
Dave Brubeck: Take five!


$40 to $125. 314-534-1111
The term "living legend" is used promiscuously in this hyperbolic age, but in the world of jazz, Dave Brubeck certainly qualifies for the designation. Both an innovator and a popularizer, the pianist and composer integrated odd time signatures into the jazz vocabulary while simultaneously enjoying a rare level of commercial success for a jazzman. And in a field with a notoriously high casualty rate, Brubeck has not just survived but thrived into his eighties, living to see his work preserved at a namesake institute at the University of the Pacific and his sons succeed in the family business. The basic format of his performances is well-established, but Brubeck and his quartet still relish finding small moments of surprise as much as fans enjoy hearing them.