Rock the Vote

The 2007 RFT Music Awards winners are here!

Midwest Avengers Best Rap/Hip-Hop Artist "Slick and dignified, the Midwest Avengers' primary genre of hip-hop is gently skewed as they embrace elements of funk, jazz and even a little classic rock."

— Jaime Lees

Murder City Players Best Reggae Band "Through numerous personnel changes, the vocal stylings of Mark Condellire and 'Prince' Phillip McKenzie and the keyboards of founding member Jeff Schneider remain constant." — Tom Carlson

Riddle of Steel Best Rock Band "The phrases 'face-melting,' 'brain-bending' and 'eardrum-bursting' come to mind to describe Riddle of Steel's rock maelstrom, which is a heady mix of meedly-meedly-mee riffage and Failure-style melodic sludge."

— Annie Zaleski

Kim Massie Best Vocalist "Kim Massie can pull you in by purring a smooth jazz tune — and then knock you back in your seats with the least-clichéd, hardest-edged version of 'Proud Mary' you can imagine."

— Roy Kasten

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