Flirt Factor

Unreal learns the fine art of flirting and later endures a wrenching ordeal.

Titus Davis: It's more of a hobby-turned-profession. My father and I started collecting watches about a year ago and really got into it. I kept borrowing watches from his collection to wear and he was like, "Man, I should start charging you," and I was like, "You know what, that's not a half-bad idea." There are all these watches that people can't afford but would love to wear for a special event, an occasion, what have you.

Aha. So you weren't inspired by the rent-to-own furniture business.

Yeah, no, but I saw that the business model works in that case. Here, instead of spending four to five thousand dollars for one watch, you can spend a couple hundred bucks and by the end of the year you'd have been able to wear twelve $5,000 watches, and you may even have a new watch.

Maybe a new woman every month, too.


So watches are the new Ferrari?


Chicks dig 'em.


So I can get a Rolex now?


Do you do background checks on your customers?

[Laughs] Any watch that retails over $1,500, yes, we do a mini-application. It basically consists of Social Security number, place of employment, driver's license number and two credit cards.


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