Feets Don't Fail

Unreal runs like the wind (in our new support hose)

There was no paddling for five hours a day at SLUH?

No, the Jesuits were nice and kind. Grade school was a little more strict.

What were the best and worst parts of the trip?

No homework for four months was really, really nice. For least favorite it's a tie between being caught in a hailstorm, almost getting struck by lightning and 4 a.m. weather checks during kayaking.

You paid money for this?

Yeah, it was fun.

If you were on Gilligan's Island now, which character would you be?

Definitely the Skipper. He's like the father figure, but he's got that edge to him, he's kind of cool. Gilligan is too much of a tool to be an enjoyable person. The Skipper? He had his shit together.

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