Fucked Up

7 p.m. Sunday, July 15. Red Sea, 6511 Delmar Boulevard.

 Fucked Up is not your ordinary hardcore band. For starters, the Toronto group released a seven-inch containing a cover of a tune by the Shop Assistants — a mellow, twee-pop band dating to mid-'80s England that's more of an influence on, say, Canadian indie-rockers such as Stars. But unorthodoxy also marks last year's Jade Tree release Hidden World, a CD that's certainly hardcore in spirit, politics and execution — check the muscular guitars, vein-popping vocals and built-for-speed tempos — but far more varied in terms of influences; other touchstones cited in its Jade Tree bio include Minor Threat, Black Flag, Negative Approach and the Undertones. (For sonic and video evidence, check out Fucked Up's excellent blog, lookingforgold


$8. 314-863-0099.

.blogspot.com.) This underground gig features compatible openers Step On It (last show!), the Humanoids and Cross Examination.