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Now with new venues! New shows! New beefs!

New hip-hop nights Lyfestile is behind a new Wednesday hip-hop night at the Ethiopian restaurant Queen of Sheba (6665 Olive Boulevard, University City), while DJ Trackstar is collaborating with Finsta and Tech Supreme on Integrity, a Saturday night open-mic/performance/beat-battle at Blueberry Hill.

Hip-hop beef Young rap upstart Huey and scene stalwart Nelly are embroiled in a war of words involving the latters alleged refusal to appear on the formers debut CD, The Notebook. (Dis tracks were exchanged.) The Nelly vs. Huey saga continued in front of Vintage Vinyl a few weeks ago, when members of the New St. Louis — a movement found by DJ Bishop of Hitmenn DJs — rallied for its cause and filmed the event for YouTube.

Great new Web sites Bill Streeter is the founder of a social-networking/event/music site The Circuit, which is found at The sites genius is in its seamless integration of technological bells and whistles. Message boards, sound files, podcasts, videos, comments, friends lists, personal profiles, band profiles, groups, venues, show information — all of them are in one easy-to-use user homepage thats well-designed and easy to navigate.

Big shows coming to town Adam Franklin of Swervedriver (The Bluebird, October 13), Ted Leo and the Pharmacists (The Gargoyle, October 10), Bloc Party (The Pageant, September 14), Of Montreal (The Pageant, November 19). — Annie Zaleski

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