7 p.m. Thursday, July 26. Old Glory Amphitheatre, Six Flags, Eureka.

Urban songbird JoJo is not yet legal — nor is the bulk of her fan base — but her undeniably catchy hip-pop repertoire transcends a mere teenage audience. Her self-penned songs carry the watermark of R&B while packing a pop punch; streetwise backbeats and an urban twang separate her from her Disney-bred cohorts. But most noteworthy is JoJo's criminally underrated voice. Perhaps it is her age that precludes her from too-high praise, but JoJo — originally discovered on America's Most Talented Kids — is a vocal savant. With a range that spans from alto to flageolet (the whistle tone that distinguished Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston) and the pipe power of Christina Aguilera, JoJo has the foundation of a powerhouse.


Six Flags, Eureka. Free with park admission, but reserved seating pass required. or 636-938-4800.