Unreal goes cornholing. What? Isn't that enough?

Where does one pick up an altar? Catholic Supply?

No. We moved into an old convent in Florissant. The church sold it to Hazelwood School District, and they sold it to us. The altar was in a room where I wanted to put my TV, so I had to take it out of there.

Wouldn't the TV fit on it?

It's a 61-inch television. That wasn't going to happen.

Have you had any interest in the altar?

You're the first caller. It's a nice altar. It's wood and probably seven feet tall in the back. I've heard that the Catholics used to put a bone or relic in their altars. I don't know if this altar has one. I don't want to tear it all up.

Since it's made of wood it's probably not good for burnt offerings, huh?

Nah, you wouldn't want to do that. But I've seen plenty of people with shrines in their homes. It would be good for that. I just want to get it out of my garage.

Why don't you throw it away?

Oh, I couldn't do that! My wife is already giving me hell about selling it.

You're not scared that you'll go to Hell if you pitch it, are you?

Mmm, something like that.

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